I am Aasef Shafik

My Contribution and Achievements to this World

"Talking is Cheap Action is the Truth"

Started Form Dishwasher, Landscaper And waiting Tables.


Created over 500 peace inspired t-shirts including logos in multiple languages.

Motivation lyricist and composed two albums.


Master plumber in DC metro area for over 30 years.


Author of Global Peace Lover.

Build and owned several restaurants in the past.

Master gas fitter for 25 years.

Author Of Over 600 jokes

Certified back flow water cross connection.

Registered over 2,000 domain names with registers.com & godaddy.com

Bought, sold & renovated close 100 commercial & residential properties.


Old boiler technician.

Former asbestos certified contractor.

Creator of puncercizer and push night.

Developed and owned several websites.

Built and engineered products.

Trademarked names.

Written poets and quotes.

I have created and directed 30+ videos and they could be on YouTube under Aasef shafik.

And much more………… but I am still broke  Need your bank account LOL! to help the FUTURE GENERATION.

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